B-17G 44-83722 Owned by Kermit Weeks. In storage in Borrego Springs, California.
After nuclear bomb tests
Borrego Springs boneyard
 After it was used for nuclear bomb tests. 
Current condition in Borrego Springs.
This Fortress was used as a SB-17G in Dhahran after the war equipped with a droppable lifeboat. It was flown to Yucca Flats, Nevada in 1952, for atomic bomb tests to see the effects of a nuclear blast on the ground. Severely damaged by the nuclear tests it was declared surplus in 1965. It was sold to Aero Specialties for possible restoration as a fire bomber and trucked to Mesa Arizona. In 1985 it was obtained by Kermit Weeks and used for parts. It is stored in pieces at Aero Trader's aircraft storage area in Borrego Springs, California. 
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