Borrego Springs Sun Aire Lines (1968 - 1984)
From FLIGHT International, 13 February 1975:
Sun Aire Lines is the operating name of Borrego Springs Airline, which was certificated for scheduled commuter operations in November 1968, The airline currently provides connections between Borrego Springs, Palm Springs and San Diego, all in California. Several daily services are scheduled.
Head Office: PO Box 417, Borrego Springs, California 92004, USA. 714-767-5388.
Chief Executive: H. L. Van Sickle, manager.
Fleet: One Swearingen Metroliner.
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From FLIGHT International, 13 February 1975:
Sun Aire Lines is the name under which Borrego Springs Airline, certificated in November 1968, has operated scheduled passenger and cargo services since December 1968. Routes include Palm Springs-Borrego Springs-San Diego, and Los A n g e l e s International - El Centro-Yum a-Phoenix. Head Office: 210 North El Cielo Road, Palm Springs, California 92262, USA.
Executive: George Khurts, president
Fleet: Five Swearingen Metro II.
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In August 1984 SkyWest began flying from Las Vegas into Palm Springs, California, its first ventures into the highly competitive Southern California market. That led to SkyWest acquiring Palm Springs-based Sun Aire, from its owner, the DiGiorgio Corporation. Sun Aire had been founded in 1968 in Borrego Springs, California by H. L. Van Sickle to shuttle travelers to and from San Diego, just 90 miles to the south. In 1983 Sun Aire carried 330,000 passengers, about twice as many as SkyWest. SkyWest operated the two firms separately until the merger was completed in 1985. The acquisition boosted SkyWest to the nation's 11th largest regional carrier.
The Sun Aire acquisition resulted in major changes for SkyWest. First, its fleet expanded. With SkyWest's 12 Metros and Sun Aire's 14 Metros, the merged company had the world's largest fleet of Fairchild Metros. The combined company flew to 28 sites. Sun Aire had opened a new facility within American Airlines's Los Angeles terminal three months before the merger, so the renamed firm SkyWest/Sun Aire Lines gained access to that major market.
The merger also resulted in forming the holding company SkyWest, Inc., with its three subsidiaries: SkyWest Airlines Inc. (changed from the earlier SkyWest Aviation Inc.), National Parks Transportation Company for the Avis rental car business, and Aviation Services West, Inc. for the fixed base operations. In addition, SkyWest as a result of the merger replaced its Escort CRS (computer reservation system) with the more advanced Sabre CRS, an American Airlines system used by Sun Aire.
In Time Flies, the SkyWest corporate history, Sid Atkin said the merger with Sun Aire "really did make us a professional airline when the resources and talents of both organizations came together." The complete merger took several years, however. Long-time employee Jan Nelson described the transition in Time Flies, as follows: "We ran a northern operation and a southern operation. This was like running two different airlines even after we merged. We had different things to worry about in each section. They didn't have to worry about the extreme temperatures, altitudes or the long hauls we had. They were strictly operating in Southern California. ... They [Sun Aire employees] viewed us as a Mormon company. They had different management methods and attitudes. California people were just entirely different."
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Borrego Springs Airline
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