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Borrego Desert Hiking - Borrego Springs, California

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The opportunity to see the art from the Native Americans of the Ariza-Borrego Desert, the Cahuilla, Cupeno, Diegueno, and Kumeyaay you really need to spend some time in the desert.  There is artwork showing their religion, mythology and social customs.  The also left a legacy of art with an open air gallery of rock art.  It shows the importance to the people that lived here long before the white settlers moved in.

Rock art is a testimony of ceremonies, historic occasions and life’s fears and joys.  It also conveys the powerful images of the supernatural.

Although the art is there, it is not set out in detail in order to leave them in their sacred obscurity.  If you should come across some of the artwork, please leave it alone, take a picture but don’t try to “cut” it out or rub over it.  Leaving it to show the history of the Native American Indians for future generations to enjoy and learn from is important, just as it is to you, it will be for your children and grandchildren and hopefully your great-grandchildren.

If you are interested in wildflowers you can take a couple of driving tours and witness the beauty of the desert.  In the spring take the route that goes from Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, drive east on S22 for two blocks to DiGiorgio Road, north to Henderson Canyon Rd.  Either continue north 1.6 miles to the end of the pavement and follow the jeep trial into Coyote Canyon (you will want a 4WD here, especially after 2.5 miles on the jeep path), or turn east on Henderson Canyon Rd. 1.5 mile until you come to the followers.

The mounts to the west of the desert get the most of what little rain there may be in this area so explore desert roads and trails at the base of the mountains.

In the mountain foothills ad higher elevations you will be able to see the Desert Apricot, Checker Fiddleneck, Indian Paintbrush, and Fringe Amaranth.  In the desert valleys you will enjoy the Dune Evening Primrose, Desert Chicory, and the Desert Sand Verbena in the spring.  There are also members of the sunflower family and other flowers such as the Ghost Flower, Desert Star, Rock Daisy, Thick leafed ground cherry, and others.

Of course remember that the flowers (most of them) are protected by law and may not be cut or dug up.  All cacti, yuccas and agaves are protected, as are ocotillo and many of the wildflowers that grow from the bulbs.  Enjoy viewing them but leave them where they are..again, remember to think of those to follow, let them enjoy the beauty as you have!

Hiking is a huge part of why people want to go to the desert, the beauty just draws you to get out and explore.  If you are planning to hike here are some of the areas that may be of interest: the northern part of Anza-Borrego extends from north of Borrego Spring up Coyote Canyon to Anza in Riverside Country, then east and southeast across the Santa Rosa Mountains to Travertine Palms Wash and Salton City at the east end of County Rd. S-22 at the Salton Sea. 

There are peaks to be climbed ad Mountain Cahuilla footbaths to be hiked in the Santa Rosa Mountains.  This are has plenty of driving and hiking opportunities for those that done have the time or the stamina to hike the mountain trails.

The Central area is south of S-22 to the south side of the Vallecito Mountains.  This is where you will find Borrego Springs and some of the region’s most notable geology.  This is also the are where, in the spring, the wildflowers are outstanding to view.  There are numerous trails to be hiked in this area and some driving trails too.

When you drive south on County Rd S-w you will leave the Vallecito Mountains, this are is known as Anza-Borrego South, the last miles of the state park and the beginning of government land for military and civilian purposed.  Here too you will enjoy hiking and exploring the desert beauty.

Location of the Visitor Center: 200 Palm Canyon Dr ., Borrego Springs, California.

Phone: 760-767-4205.  

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