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On the northeastern side of the Salton Sea, the Salton Sea State Recreation Area has been serving hundreds of thousands of visitors each year since 1955. The park offers access to the Salton Sea, California's largest lake. Hike, boat, swim, fish, camp or bird watch at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area.

The park has five campgrounds that offer primitive camping to full hook-ups on the shores of the Sea. Boat ramp and boat wash out facilities are located near the park's headquarters. Enjoy the Sea and Desert Visitor Center, stroll the beach or simply gaze at the snow-capped Santa Rosa Mountains across the Sea.

The Salton Sea State Recreation Area is located in California's Colorado Desert. Known for its comfortable winter weather, most of its visitors come from October through May. Summer can be extreme in the desert however, many people are experiencing all that the desert has to offer from the comfort of their motor homes or trailers.

The Salton Sea State Recreation Area is 30 miles south of Indio on Highway 111, about a three hour drive from the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

An Important note: More than four million birds use the Salton Sea each winter day, and more than 400 species of birds have been found here. The Sea is a wonderful resource to the State and we are struggling to secure a healthy future for it. Learn more about this treasure! Join us as we build a future for the Salton Sea!

Hook-up Camping

At the Recreation Area's headquarters, camp with the convenience of full hook-ups: electric, water and sewer. This popular campground is located next to Varner Harbor and the park's Visitor Center. Learn about the Salton Sea here while you enjoy video presentations and some mounted examples of bird life. A small playground is available for the kids and the fishing jetty is open every day. Bring your boat and fishing pole. Reservations are suggested for this campground as it fills fast and often during the season. Call 800-444-PARK to secure your spot. The hook-up campground is by far the most popular, so plan ahead.

"New Camp"

Also in the headquarters' area, this developed campground has paved parking stalls, shade ramadas, restrooms and showers. New Camp is a short walk from Varner Harbor and the park's prime fishing locations. For those that don't require hook-ups, or for the true tenter, New Camp is a nice place to experience the Sea. Listen for the grumbling egret, the call of the great blue heron or watch pelicans soar over Headquarters beach. New Camp is also on our reservation system and reservations are suggested during holiday weekends. Launch your boat at Varner Harbor and enjoy a day of boating or sailing upon the Sea.

Mecca Beach Campground

Another developed campground with paved parking, showers and beach access, Mecca Beach Campground is about one mile south of the Headquarters' area. Friendly Camp hosts help you settle into your campsite for the weekend. Each campsite has a fire ring and a picnic table. Desert vegetation and trees give pleasant shade. Mecca Beach Campground is not on our reservation system; all sites are on a first-come, first-served basis. Come early on holiday weekends to insure a site! Fishing at the Salton Sea is at its best from March through July. Try for croaker, corvina or tilapia. Fish for a day during the season and catch more than 100 tilapia. The practical and legal catch is unlimited for this species. But remember, other fish do have limits -- check if you are in doubt.

Corvina Beach Campground

A strip beach, Corvina offers primitive camping on the shores of the Salton Sea. Chemical restrooms and water are available, but camping is at its purest and most primitive here: no facilities, but great views. Well suited for the RVer, Corvina Beach draws anglers to the Sea. Enjoy an unobstructed view from Corvina Beach, gaze at the snow-covered Santa Rosas or Mt. San Jacinto. This campground is not on our reservation systems and reservations normally are not necessary. However, you might want to come early if planning a holiday trip. Spend a few nights at Corvina then move up to the developed area for more amenities. Showers are found at the Headquarters area.

Salt Creek Beach Campground

Another strip beach right next to the Salton Sea, Salt Creek Beach offers some of the best birding available at the mouth of Salt Creek. Fishing is also good here as access to the Sea is right out your door. RVers find this comfortable place to stay. This is a dry camp; there are no water or developed facilities, but chemical restrooms and beach camping are available. Salt Creek is home to a few endangered pupfish that inhabit some of the tributaries around the Sea; they're difficult to spot, but they're there. Walk Salt Creek and find some of the 400 different species of birds that are using the Sea right next to your campsite.

Bombay Beach Campground

 This campground is the furthest south in the Recreation Area. Next to the desert community of Bombay Beach, some amenities are available, including chemical toilets and water. Bring your RV to this primitive campground and spend the weekend letting the Sea lull you to sleep or fish for giant corvina. Limits often include fish from five to eight pounds with an occasional 30 pounder! Try to break the record -- a 37-pound fish caught in the mid 1980s! If you do, be sure to report it so you can earn credit.



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