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Web de Anza, Center for Advanced Technology In Education, College of Education, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.

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Sites with correlation to historical-geographic content of Anza web site:

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park 

The park is named after Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and the Spanish word "borrego" for bighorn sheep.



Anza Historic Trail Junior Ranger Program




Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail logo


Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail  on the National Park Service website.



Anza Trail Coalition of Arizona
Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail
Anza Trail Coalition of Arizona

Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail


de Anza trail in Arizona & California



The Anza Society Celebrates the life and times of Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza, Presidial Captain of La Nueva Espaņa, now Mexico, explorer, leader of the founders of San Francisco, CA., peace maker and Governor of New Mexico. This site contains many related additional links and useful geographic-geologic descriptions of seven Anza-Borrego State Park regions, some of which directly relate to the Anza National Historic Trail.


west008BB.jpgCalifornia Pioneer Project

The California Pioneer Project is an excellent location for beginning research links on early California pioneers, place names and history.


Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

An excellent California resource. Check especially indigenous Chumash culture characteristics about music, food, medicine, myths, games, dances, and cave paintings.


California Mission History, Historical Photographs, and Mission Music


A website that will interest everyone. If you have RealAudio installed on your computer, you can listen to music of both the church and the indigenous people.

California Missions (Video/DVD) and California Mission Studiesa 13 part video series from KCET-TV public television in Los Angeles, on California Missions by Huell Howser. Video tapes / DVDs can be ordered from KCET ($19.95 each).  Teachers are strongly encouraged to plan on previewing these popularized video materials and compare Howser's video "facts and interpretations" to recognized sources such as found at the well known California Mission Studies Association



California Mission Studies Association



Tumacacori National Historic Park & Mission 2000. A searchable database, both in Spanish and English, of over 7000 names and 3000 events in the Anza era, especially 1739-1767).

A chronology of Anza's life, written by Don Garate, Chief of Interpretation, Tumacacori National Historic Park, Arizona.

Spanish Mission Era

Mystery of the Mission Museum, Department of Educational Technology, San Diego State University. Very interesting virtual tours of mission landscapes among other primary source documentation of the Spanish mission era in California. 

The Spanish Mission Archive - extensive site.


3. Interdisciplinary supporting sites such as in areas of Indigenous Studies, Environmental Studies, Science, Language Arts (Writing), Foreign Language (Spanish), Humanities (Art, Music, Food, Recreation), Anthropology.

4. Sites related to same time period in history such as American Revolution.

Web de Anza On-Line Learning Community
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Phil Kessinger
Content Coordinator
May 2, 2001
Note: Web de Anza resources contain an extensive collection of primary and secondary historical sources on the Spanish Colonial era of Juan Bautistia de Anza in North America, 1750-1800. We encourage you to visit the main Web de Anza site at and explore.