Emergency Preparedness Program

San Diego County Office of Emergency Services ◊ San Diego County Sheriff’s Department ◊ San Diego County Department of Public Works ◊ California Highway Patrol ◊ Anza-Borrego Desert State Park ◊ Borrego Springs Fire Protection District ◊ Borrego Springs Unified School District ◊ Borrego Community Health Foundation ◊ San Diego Gas and Electric ◊ Borrego Water District ◊ Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce


Dear Neighbors:

  • If an emergency situation such as a flood, earthquake or other natural disaster occurred today, how prepared are you and your family? What about an extended power outage?

  • Do you have enough supplies to take care of your visitors or help out your neighbors?

  • What if Borrego Springs was isolated for several weeks as a result of this disaster?

  • If you could not return home because of road blockage, do you have someone to look after your home or animals?

  • Did you know that you can register your cellular phone number at www.ReadySanDiego.org and receive emergency notifications through the San Diego County reverse 911 system?

No one likes to imagine a situation like this occurring but it has happened before and will likely happen again. The agencies listed above will be working together to restore and protect the community after a disaster, but your level of comfort and survival depends on YOU!

  • Please take a minute to review the attached materials and checklist. Many of you may already be prepared, but when was the last time you checked on your emergency supplies?

Borrego's next session of Basic CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training will take place at the Borrego Springs Fire Protection District (BSFPD) offices on Friday, January 31, 5:30-930; Saturday, February 1, 9am-5pm; and, Saturday, February 8, 9am-5pm. Yes, you will need to be able to attend all three sessions.  Cost $25 per person.  No, you do not have to be strong and agile like our firefighters. You just need to be able and willing to learn, and able to communicate what you need others to do in a crisis to help you help them and your families, friends and neighbors until outside help arrives.
I am asking you to join me at this CERT training and to invite someone else to attend with you and/or to get someone from your organization and/or neighborhood to attend. There will be another session later in the year if you cannot participate in this one. Please fill out and return the attached registration and return it along with your check for $25 to the BSFPD.
The folks that attended last November's training are already lining up for a number of the specialized trainings BSFPD is offering throughout 2014 to those that have already completed their Basic CERT, whether trained here or elsewhere. 
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) provided the Chamber with a $2500 grant to help with our community's disaster preparedness. The funds are in and Chief Hardcastle will be taking the lead on how best to utilize these funds that will be mostly targeted to CERT and related programs and supplies.
The Chamber will set aside $100 of these grant funds for up to four $25 scholarships per Basic CERT training session. If one of you wishes to participate in this Basic CERT training, but can't afford the $25, please send me an email or drop on by the Chamber to let me know you need one of the scholarships. (Martha and Virginia, I would really like to see a couple BSHS senior class leaders in these sessions if okay with Chief Hardcastle. Their participation can go towards their community service credit.)
Please think twice before passing. CERT is nationwide. Once you are CERT trained, you will be better able to help yourself, your family, your neighbors and your community wherever you are when a disaster strikes, Once we have enough Borregans CERT trained, next step disaster preparedness will follow under Chief Hardcastle's direction. Remember the goal is for Borrego to be able to take care of itself for up to three weeks in the event of a major regional event (like a large earthquake) that could keep out of the area first responders tied up in their own back yards and major metro areas. Whether in the dead of summer or during peak season, we need to be prepared as a community, and this is my personal plea to you to join me in becoming a member of Borrego's Community Emergency Response Team.


Thank you!


Kind regard

For further information, please check out these websites:

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