Borrego Springs Public Library
A branch of the San Diego County Library System.  The Borrego Springs Library is moving to larger facilities at the eastern end of The Mall shopping center. Call the library for more information.  Also see Friends of the Borrego Springs Library
587 Palm Canyon Dr  Suite 125
The Mall shopping center
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
(760) 767-5761
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Borrego Springs Library News & Timeline

In September, 2007 we allocated $114,000 from our discretionary Community Projects Fund to expand the Borrego Springs Library.  Seven years ago I was pleased to work with the people of Borrego to convert an empty bank building into the current library; but now they need more space.  

Our grant will enable library staff to move to a larger space in the immediate vicinity of the existing library and allow for tenant improvement costs associated with expanding the library.

The Borrego Springs Library serves a year-round population of nearly 3,000 people and a seasonal population of more than 10,000 people, and the expansion will help in the higher demand for books and other educational materials.

Over the years, many people have helped make the library a key resource in the community.  Here is a timeline of some of that “tender loving care.”

  • May 10, 1949:  Borrego Springs Branch of the San Diego County Free Public Library opened at Bill and Virginia DeMarais’ Hacienda Borrego Motel.  Two tall shelves were in the motel office; that was the library.  The County paid the DeMarais’ $3.39 a month to run the library.  Virginia was the librarian.
  • 1951: the library moved into Margaret Jackson’s Marg-A-Reta shop where she served as librarian until the books were moved to Lee’s Laundromat in the Borrego Pharmacy Building
  • 1970: the library was moved to The Plaza behind the old post office and Valerie Guelke was the librarian in the 1990’s and 2000
  • October 2000: the library moved to its current location at the west end of The Mall 
  • December 2000: Friends of the Borrego Springs Library (FOL) formed, including John Guelke, Betsy Knaak, Paul Schessler, Richard Hamilton, Suzanne Schwake, Valerie Guelke and Kathleen Kaiser (County Librarian)
  • 2006-2007: Representatives of the FOL met with County Library Director Jose Aponte, his staff and representatives from our District 5 office about the future of the library
  • June – August 2007 – FOL, working with Director Aponte and Assistant Director Betty Waznis, plus Principal Librarian Wynne Weiss, Marlene Barker, Jack Cameron, owner of The Mall, and my staff, brought about the latest expansion
  • 2018 - Construction began on our state of the art Library across the street from the Borrego Springs Post.
  • 2018 - December Grand Opening of our new Library.

District 5 staff members at the site of the Borrego Springs library expansion
From left Bill Wright, Courtney Berlin, Caroline Smith, Rebekah Wahlen,
Gwenn Marie, Abby King,  Dustin Steiner, Chris Champine

I greatly appreciate the community leaders in Borrego, especially FOL Director Sally Lindemann, President Jim Roller, Director Deborah Sperberg and Vice President Betsy Knaak—along with Gwenn Marie, President of the Borrego Chamber of Commerce.

I know the expanded library is essential to the growth and economic plan for this special community.

County Supervisor Bill Horn

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Pictures of the Former Library at the West side of the Mall (now the Sheriff's Station)
The Library's new and much larger location as of 2009 is at the East side of the Mall)

close pictures

close pictures