Mayor Eris Eckhart   1999 - 2000

Mrs. Eris Eckhart, owner of Borrego Home Video, and 1999 Honorary Mayor of Borrego, died November 4th, 2006. 

Jef and Kathy had her over for a Halloween party on October 21st. (see group picture)  Although we knew she was ailing, she seemed fine. Jef saw her at her store on Halloween, and she still seemed fine. She passed away a few days later. A really nice lady, much loved by the community.

She will be missed. Someone had given her the old uniform of La Casa del Zorro waitresses, and that was her unique costume for the party. She lived to learn that the latest planet in our solar system was also given the name Eris.

Services were held November 11th at the Borrego Performing Arts Center, which she helped found and run, at the Center Mall.












Eris with friends

close picture