Articles about Borrego Springs from
  • "Coyote Canyon All Over Again"  April 2000 - Park the car and enjoy the scenery by walking through the desert, keeping in mind desert safety rules.
  • "Night On Ghost Mountain"  October 1999 - Author lives out his childhood fantasy of camping out on a desert mountain, dodging the demons of his imagination - minus the peyote.
  • "Villager Peak Walk"   April 1998 - This mountain peak pokes out from a rugged ridge of mountains, climbing above the stark desert floor.
  • "Cactus Blooms Along Elephant Trees Trail"   April 1998 - In the spring, the contrast between the starkness of the desert and the bright colors of blooming flowers demands a visit.
  • "Fish Creek Walk"  February 1998 - An attractive hike through the California desert, but you won't run into many other people.
  • "A Desert Valentine"   February 1998 - Desert wildflowers bloom around Valentine's Day in southern California, making that time of year great for a camping trip.
  • "Ghosts, Phantoms and Apparitions of Our Haunted Deserts,"  October 1988.  Ghost-busters wanted: find out where the ghosts hang out in America's Southwest.

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